Maintaining your Air Conditioner this winter

  • The most important aspect to remember this winter is to keep your Air Conditioning Filters clean by cleaning or replacing them. Note that some filters are reusable and does not need to be replaced. This is 
  • very important also for the maintenance Air conditioner_pretoriaof your aircon unit and will expand its lifespan.
  • Collect and clean all dirt from your air conditioners’ evaporator coil to prevent air reduction.
  • Always allow enough airflow around the condenser.
  • When your air conditioning unit needs more attention, contact a professional technician to come and solve all your problems before entering the crispy season.

Chill Rite Air focuses on bringing affordable Air Conditioning Equipment and helps you maintain your equipment to ensure that your equipment has a long live span.

You can contact Chill Rite Air today on: 012 755 8481 to find help on all your Air Conditioning needs

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