The Advantages of Air conditioning:

  • The biggest advantage of Air Conditioning is that it gives you comfort through all seasons
  • Air Conditioning has both a heating and cooling function
  • Some of the most recent Air Conditioning has the option that you can set your unit to automatically change temperature at a certain time of day or night
  • You have the ability to control the cold or heat you would like to live in


At Chill Rite Air we do not only replace, we repair all air condition units

“Honey, I got a vibration in the bedroom! O, it’s only my aircon”.

This is just one of the common errors that can be repaired in an air conditioner unit. There is not a gremlin inside your aircon unit, your fan is only out of balance. Similar to your car tyre,


Maintenance of central air conditioning

chillrite aircon_centurionChill Rite Air is a well established company situated in Pretoria, specializing in all your Air Conditioning needs. We strive to offer only high quality services and high customer satisfaction.


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